Creditors' Forms

For ease of availability, we have reproduced a number of generic insolvency forms below. Please complete the form online, in respect of the insolvency appointment of which you are a member or creditor, print off, sign and return either by email, fax or post to the respective Harrisons office dealing with the particular insolvency appointment (see Contact Us section for further details).

Should you be unsure as to which form you are required to use, please contact your local Harrisons office, which will only be too happy to assist you in understanding and completing the appropriate form, while running through with you any additional information you may require.

ADM = Administration CVL = Creditors' Voluntary Liquidation
MVL = Members Voluntary Liquidation   CVA = Company Voluntary Arrangement
WUC = Winding up at Court (Compulsory) ADR = Administrative Receivership
BKY = Bankruptcy IVA = Individual Voluntary Arrangement

Corporate Proof of Debt Forms_

Personal Proof of Debt Forms_


Corporate Proxy Forms_

Personal Proxy Forms_

ADM – Creditors' Meeting BKY - General Meeting
ADM – Postal Resolution BKY - Final Meeting
CVL – S98 Members Meeting IVA – Creditors' Meeting
CVL – S98 Creditors' Meeting
CVL – Pre 6 April 2010 Members Annual Proxy
CVL – Pre 6 April 2010 Creditors Annual Proxy
CVL – Final Meeting
MVL - Members Meeting
MVL – Annual Meeting
MVL - Final Meeting
WUC – General Meeting
WUC – Final Meeting
CVA - Members Meeting
CVA - Creditors' Meeting
ADR – Creditors' Meeting

General Creditor Forms_

Creditors' Questionnaire Retention of Title Questionnaire